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Dress Code

[Dress Code]


  •  Shirts - Polo-style, long-sleeved, & turtleneck in red, white, & navy blue. 
  • Sweatshirts/hoodies in white, red, navy blue, tan, or black.  
  • Bottoms in navy blue, khaki or tan. Bottoms include log pants, capri-length pants, jumpers, skorts or shorts. Skorts & shorts must be 3 inches from knee or longer in length. 
  • Sock/tights – socks of any color are allowed. Tights & knee-high socks must be solid colors (blue, black, white, or khaki).
  • Shoes of any color. Solid colors & close-toed are encouraged. No flip-flops. Tennis shoes required for P.E.
  • Tuck-in/belts – shirts must be tucked in & black, blue, or white belts are required. 


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